360° Video

What is a 360° Video?

At Virtual Excursions, we carefully craft our content around your marketing objectives, branding material, and creative vision. We use a specialized process to capture high resolution 360° video without using excessive bandwidth. 360° video brings a new level of interactivity to video content. Whether you want your video content to tell a story, promote a new product or service, or showcase an event, our content specialists will create an immersive experience for you.

Promote a New Product or Service

360 video can be used to demonstrate a new product in your desired environment or be used in place of a traditional commercial. 360 video allows your viewer to choose what part of the commercial or demonstration is most interesting to them. The interactivity also makes replayability more interesting, as each viewing of the content will be unique. You can also feature a series of products by bringing these 360 videos into a virtual tour.

Training Videos


360 training videos allow you to put your employees in the environment of where they’ll be working, to help them better retain information. This plays to the senses, as they will relate information to their surroundings when they’re physically in the same space where they studied the content. In addition to the video content, 360 videos can be placed in a virtual tour, allowing you to provide testing on the content presented, while they’re still engaged in the visual content.

Tell a Story


Everyone likes to hear a story, whether it’s about something going on in your community or business, the history of a product or business, or even telling how a product is made, 360 video can make your video content more engaging. Allow your customer to choose what part of the story is most important to them, by allowing them to pan around the entire scene. Add an additional level of interactivity by bringing the story into a virtual tour. This allows the user to make decisions, and choose what direction the story goes.