Our Process

Our Process

At Virtual Excursions we work closely with your marketing team to ensure your marketing needs are met and your brand is represented. This is accomplished through a combination of face-to-face meetings and ongoing communication through email and/or phone. We have developed a 5 step process to ensure you know what is expected from our company and yours. This process allows us to communicate the potential uses for our platform, generate ideas and guarantee your satisfaction upon final delivery.

Marketing Needs Assessment

Our first initial meeting will assess your marketing goals, and discuss potential ideas to meet those goals. We do in-depth research on your business before meeting with you to get the ball rolling. The Marketing Needs Assessment is essentially a brainstorm between our marketing professionals and yours. This will give us time to familiarize with your operations and industry, to work out any specific details related to your business. This allows us to provide the right recommendations and features within the multimedia tour.

We also provide a test file of a basic multimedia tour, to allow you to visualize the implementation of the virtual tour on your website and social media.


A quote will be provided based on your Marketing Needs Assessment. We’ll provide three alternatives to meet your marketing objectives. This allows you to choose which option will fulfill your goals while keeping your budget in mind. A variety of content will be used to further the online experience of your venue, including music, videos, gamification, graphics and more. Request a Quote now

Virtual Tour Creation

The process of creating the virtual tour will vary depending on the style of tour you choose.

Physical Space

If you opt for the physical space of your business to be the canvas of the tour, we will review which sections of your business will be most important to feature, aligning with your goals. We’ll set a date and time to come to your business, and shoot the 360 photos and videos in the same day.

Digital Space

If you opt for the digital space, we will review your brand guidelines in order to design a digital space which represents your brand. We use a collection of 3D software to create these spaces, and can create fully customized spaces to showcase your business.

Whether you chose to use your physical space or a digital space, we will collect your branding materials and review your brand guidelines. We’ll apply your brand colours to the interface and include any branded content in the discussed format. We’ll handle the rest!

Virtual Tour Review

When the tour is complete, we will share a link with you to review the first draft. You’ll have a chance to suggest revisions, and we’ll discuss any additional ideas we have to improve the concept. We’ll repeat this three times until the tour meets your expectations.


After the tour fully meets your expectations we will provide an easy-to-use line of code, which you can place on the desired page of your website. We’ll review the implementation on your website and make any final revisions to ensure it looks good on your website.

This is the end of our process!

If you opted to have ongoing promotions through the virtual tour we will revisit certain steps of our process to ensure each campaign meets your needs.