5 Reasons to Use 360 Content (A 5 Part Blog Series) | Part 1

We’re all looking for ways to get our content in front of people and make it more enjoyable. They say content is king, but there’s so much content out there, how do you make yours stand out from the rest? Traditional photography, videography, writing, and graphic design have been the go to media choices for decades. With the progression of the internet, there are plenty more options out there, some of them being mobile applications, podcasts, blogging, and 360 content.

Over the next few months, we will be writing about the reasons you might use 360 content in your marketing plan, as well as how you can integrate it with your current content marketing plan.


Perhaps the top reason to use 360 content is the interactive aspect. People love to make choices, and 360 content allows users to decide where they would like to look throughout the experience as well as choosing to view content that interests them most. This provides an extra level of decision making and engagement, as well as replayability. A study by Google shows that 360 video has a higher CTR and interaction rate than a traditional flat video. The study also concluded that in comparison to traditional video, 360 videos drove 41% more earned actions.

360 content can also introduce gamification to your content strategy at a low cost. Using web based and mobile application based virtual tours, you can enhance your interaction with your customers by adding gamified content within a virtual tour. This could be a digital scavenger hunt, quizzes, mini games, screenshot campaigns and more. Not only does this make your content more enjoyable, but it also engages your customers for longer periods of time, giving you more opportunities to expose them to your brand and track their decisions.

Now I know you’re likely heavily vested in standard content marketing, but there are also ways to integrate your previously developed content, such as photos, videos, and blogs. Later in this series, we will discuss some of the ways this can be accomplished. Interactivity is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many reasons to integrate 360 content into your digital marketing plan and content development. Stay tuned to hear how content integration works with 360 content in our next blog post in the 5 Reasons to Use 360 Content blog series!

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