Virtual Excursions is a company based out of Hamilton ON, Canada. At Virtual Excursions, we create virtual tours for promotional and educational purposes. Our tours are an engaging and interactive way to enhance your digital marketing strategy and convert website traffic. We provide the opportunity to showcase your location, products and/or services in a collection of 360 photo's and videos while featuring digital content within each 360 scene.


Who We Are

We are a team of young digital marketers, with a passion for visual content. We bring a variety of skills together to create tours which represent your brand and help you meet your business objectives. Some of these skills include graphic design, media production, analytics analysis, 3D modeling and website development. Head over here to Meet The Team.


Why Virtual Excursions?

We are passionate towards creating innovative virtual tours that fully represent your brand, and ease the decision process of your customers. We provide information to your customers in an interactive format, allowing them to make decisions in a time effective manner.