What is an Educational Virtual Tour?

Educational tours allow you to teach complex topics in a visual and interactive environment. They provide one platform to educate, test and track the performance of students, while giving you full control of the order of the content. It’s also an opportunity to gamify learning, and take students to locations which might be otherwise difficult to visit in person. This engaging platform can teach a variety of topics, while providing digital content to keep the user engaged.

Digital Field Trips

Allow your students to visit places around the world, locations with restricted access, and locations with seasonal restrictions over the convenience of the internet.

Flexibility of Content

Combine content to cater to the visual, auditory reading/writing, and kinesthetic learning styles. These tours provide the option to provide all kinds of learning content, including videos, infographics, photographs, written text, audio tracks and more.

Test Retained Knowledge

Provide questions immediately after viewing content, to ensure the student retained information provided in the content.

Gamify Your Teaching

Games can be incorporated into the tour, providing an extra level of interaction with the digital content. These games include scavenger hunts, decision making, reflex tests and more.

Track Student interactions

In addition to testing students, statistics are provided to understand the interactions of the students with the educational tour, to identify learning patterns.