The Future of Content Creation

A recent article from Business Insider gives a preview into a research report from BI Intelligence providing insight on some of the benefits of using immersive content such as 360 Video, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality in your marketing strategy. In this article, author Dylan Mortensen writes “Immersive video can provide the impactful, emotion-driven storytelling that’s needed to capture the attention of consumers and cut through the saturated ad space.” Everyone loves some solid statistics, so every time Virtual Excursions comes across a reliable source that gives good insights we just have to share it with our followers. Below is an excerpt from the article, diving into some of the stats.

Already, brands across numerous industries have seen significant success. For example, Hong Kong Airlines’ 360-degree ad was 35 times more effective than the same traditional 2D ad. Meanwhile, Lionsgate’s Blair Witch VR campaign elicited a 57% voluntary replay rate. And consumers are confident in the future of immersive video – 63% of US consumers who’ve tried an immersive experience feel it’s the “next big thing” in video, according to a YuMe study.

Dylan MortensenBusiness Insider | THE IMMERSIVE VIDEO REPORT: How VR, AR, and 360-degree video are shaping the future of content creation

We can surely relate to the outstanding response from immersive content. Our company recently created an interactive virtual tour for a local restaurant The Mule, using a combination of 360 photos and 360 videos. In this virtual tour of The Mule you can check out the art featured in the restaurant, virtually order tacos, and see how their notorious Whiskey Sour is made, all while listening to the unique style of music they have playing. The feedback from this content has been overwhelmingly positive, and the statistics back that up as well. We’re seeing a staggering average time on page of 20+ minutes from over 1000 users. It’s needless to say, The Mule is gaining plenty of brand awareness through this immersive content.

No matter which industry you’re in, immersive content could be a good option for you if you’re looking for a new strategy to differentiate your content and get the most out of your marketing budget. Comment below and let us know some of your favorite marketing strategies and if you will you be incorporating immersive content into your marketing this year.

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