What is a Hospitality Virtual Tour?

Hospitality tours are the next best thing to visiting your location. A sequence of 360 photos and videos mixed with various digital content will bring your customer experience to the home of your customers. This will make researching your business far easier, and ensure people from all over the world are confident in choosing your services.

Share the Atmosphere

These tours are designed to share the atmosphere of your venue, giving customers a virtual experience of your business. This includes sharing of the customer experience, visual appearance, live events, menus and all other amenities.

Variety of Content

A variety of content will be used to further the online experience of your venue, including music, videos, gamification, graphics and more.

Share Information

The most common questions your customers have about your venue can be answered within the tour. This can be accomplished through audio guides, 360 videos, menus, images and more.

Track Interactions

Through Google Analytics, track the engagement of each portion of the tour, to better understand the preferences of your customers.

Promotional Tool

These tours provide an opportunity to support your current advertising campaigns or start new ones, with capabilities of scavenger hunts, quizzes, games and more.