Introducing New 360 Content

In today’s blog post, we’re introducing The Millionaire’s Daughter Virtual Tours. A wonderful set of new tours we have been working on. The tours include a bunch of fun features like voice overs, pop-up notifications, social games, embedded 360 videos, directional maps and more. The Millionaire’s Daughter was looking for an innovative digital marketing tactic to show off their four very successful and beautiful consignment furniture stores in a fun and interactive way. What better way then a Virtual Tour? So, we met with Maureen Barnes — owner of The Millionaire’s Daughter — and devised a plan for four virtual tours, one for each of her locations across Southern Ontario. In these tours, we wanted to bring an element of interactivity that could also be a social campaign. Thus, creating two different social games; Find Objects and Snapshot. In the Find Objects game, users have three objects spread throughout the Virtual Tour that they must find in order to submit for their chance to win a $100 gift card. The Snapshot game on the other hand, gives viewers the chance to take a snapshot inside the Virtual Tour of their favourite piece of furniture, download it, and submit to social media with #TheMillionaireDaughter for their chance to win a $100 gift card. The Virtual Tours just went live today, so make sure you follow the links below and don’t forget to play the games for your chance to win a $100 gift card!





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