The Top 5 360 Experiences in 2017

It’s needless to say, we love 360 content at Virtual Excursions. This new form of media brings immersive content to your fingertips. We’re big fans of movies and photography just like the next person, but as soon as we experienced 360 for the first time we realized this was an amazing opportunity for content creators, film fanatics, and photography fans alike.The level of interaction it brings makes you feel much more involved in the experience by letting you choose what part of the scene is interesting to you, instead of having these things chosen for you. You can rewatch or view the same scene over and over, viewing different angles at different times, making the average viewer feel almost like they’re directing the scene themselves. In a virtual tour setting, traditional media can be accessed through buttons placed in the scene, and let’s face it, who doesn’t like to click buttons? For these reasons and more, we have chosen these 5 360 experiences as our favourites. We also threw in one bonus experience we hope you’ll enjoy as well.

1. International Space Station

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to step foot in the International Space Station? With this release of NASA’s amazing virtual tour, you now can. It lets you explore in 360 while learning about the different areas of the station through information buttons and videos of the astronauts in action. We’re still not sure how they got this level of quality 360 footage in space, and we’ll likely never have the chance to try it ourselves!

2. 360° Adventure: The Lost Key of Tralla La | DuckTales | Disney XD

The Looney Tunes have grown up a bit since those classic Sunday cartoon mornings we all remember as kids. Disney XD recently released a 360 adventure with Scrooge and the gang called The Lost Key of Tralla La. It’s essentially a cartoon action sequence and spans a bit less than 2 minutes. It’s definitely worth watching a few times to see what the amazing artists at Disney XD can do with 360 animations.  

3. 360 Joyride

There are many 360 experiences in the car industries nowadays. Some are good, others not so much. The best we’ve seen so far is 360 Joyride; a virtual tour produced for the Toyota 86. This tour lets you cruise through two different beautiful routes and truly showcases the potential for interactive storytelling with 360 virtual tours. It also has some interesting video effects you don’t see a lot of in the 360 content that’s out there so far.

4. Inside Abbey Road

Abbey Road is one of the most iconic studios in the music industry, dating back all the way to 1931. It was a creative space for many artists who shaped modern music and film. This virtual tour utilizes the power of sound and features various types of media. It tracks which content you have viewed and guides you to view anything you missed while exploring.  

5. 360° Great Hammerhead Shark Encounter | National Geographic

There’s something about underwater footage that feels surreal, and this is amplified by the use of 360 video. This National Geographic 360 video shows divers up close and personal with a herd of hammerhead sharks in the Bahamas and It’s delivered in full 4k resolution. The video is even more immersive if you view it in a virtual reality headset!    

6. The Mule

We didn’t think it was fair to have one of our own productions in the list, but we’ve decided to add a bonus experience — a virtual tour of the Mule; A very cool and unique taco and tequila bar in Hamilton, Ontario! This tour showcases the customer experience at the restaurant through a series of 360 photos and video. You can tour the whole restaurant, view the menu, and see the experience of ordering food and drinks in 360 videos. This is all accompanied by music you’d typically hear if you were to visit. Check it out below!


There you have it, 5 amazing 360 experiences all with different purposes. This media is still in its infancy but we’re already seeing so many innovative uses for it.  Whether you want to learn about wildlife, explore amazing locations, or see the experience you would at expect at a local restaurant, 360 content has many uses. It can bring all of your digital media into one place or add an impressive piece of content to your social media and website.  So which one was your favourite 360 experience? Tell us in the comments below!  

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